I designed the Stuffed dolls''In my heart''To help children experience separations and bereavement plus easily. They comfort and comfort the children by allowing them to keep a link with the deceased or who is far away. With a clutch to contain the photo of the person the child is bored with, it's a bit like she's very close. The Plush can even be accompanied by a recorder in order to immortalize an unlimited number of messages.

These little animals take the hates of the children to transport them in the distance to the person they love so much. They are experts in drying tears.

Diane McCready

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The meaning of the logo ''In my coeur''

The child carries in his heart the person he misses. The symbol of infinity, of eternity, represents the affectionate arms that offer a tender hâlin and the memory that will remain forever.

I can plus hwith tea in Knife arms but you will always stay in my heart.